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What is a website review?

An in-depth analysis of how well your website is doing

Every website can be improved with a website review. But in order to do this, you'll first need to know what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your website are.

A website review can take anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks. The turnaround depends on the required depth of the analysis. Sites both big and small can benefit. Learn more about our approach.


Using a variety of tools, techniques, and experience

In order to improve a website, you should look at it from the perspective of a visitor. What is bothering them? What information are they missing? Is the website working well on their preferred device?

Techniques such as user testing, competitive intelligence, and technical analysis will allow me to find out what your visitors want, and give it to them. Learn more about our services.


So you can see the roadblocks your visitors encounter

Unfortunately, it is still common to see websites with misplaced menu items, redundant form fields or buttons that don't stand out from the other elements in the website design.

Conversion roadblocks like that are preventing your visitors from converting to paying customers. This leads to great loss of revenue and a bad user experience for your visitors.


How will a website review help me?

You'll get advice on how to remove these roadblocks

On every website review that we've done so far, we have found 100+ potential improvements. In order to allow you to profit from those, we will provide our advice through reports, wireframes and meetings.

This will allow us to determine together where the focus should be in a given phase of the implementation. Such prioritized processes allow for many improvements made in a short timeframe.


And how to continuously improve your website

After the first round of recommendations have been implemented on the website, we will shift our focus toward continuous optimization. After all, we can always learn more about your visitors.

We will set up A/B testing through a roadmap we will supply. Also, you or your team will be trained in conversion optimization as well. Finally, strategic competitive analysis will be set up as well.


So that you can increase your revenue

By this time, a constant stream of learnings about your visitors will be coming in. The optimizations that can be made based on those will help shape a website that converts more visitors into customers.

This will not only lead to more revenue from your website. It will also reduce the amount of customer support, lower your bounce rate, allow for more effective landing pages and deliver extra referrals.


Can I get some free tips first?

Interested, but hesitant?

Depending on availability, we sometimes do a free website review for registered charities. If you are part of such as charity, and would like a website review to see how you can improve, please reach out to us.

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What are our customers saying?

  • Walter Albers

    Walter Albers

    Founder at Proday (view case study)

    “I get really enthusiastic to immediately start working on all the points that you've mentioned. You gave me so many concrete tips... such a great report!”

    Marijke Verkaik

    Marijke Verkaik

    Frontend at KovoKs

    “We have used ConversionReview to optimize several websites and I can recommend them wholeheartedly. Not only do they offer a pleasant cooperation, but also have a deep knowledge on how to improve a website.”

    Edwin Jonker

    Edwin Jonker

    Founder at PrijsVergelijken

    “Thank you for the review, there are plenty of points in it that we can work with to improve the website.”