Conversion Hotel 2014 - Keynotes, Tweets, Photos

Conversion hotel 2014

Conversion Hotel is a three-day event about online optimization, fun and beer at a Dutch island called Texel. Topics include online marketing, persuasion, conversion rate optimization and UX.

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Throughout the weekend over 8 keynotes were held by leading experts in the conversion optimization field. Due to reasons - that may or may not include intoxication - some of the valuable information might have slipped your mind. Refresh your memory with the information below.

How to convert SEO traffic? (Angie Schottmuller)

Angie Schottmuller


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Key takeaways:
  • Look around, get all the data, what is working, what isn’t?
  • Use Google Analytics events to set ‘Adjusted Bounce Rate’
  • User Rich Snippets and Explainer Videos for SEO and CRO
  • One page, one purpose, one keyword, one best answer
  • Map out the path to your best answer

CRO+ by tweaking your copy (Michael Aagard)

Michael Aagard


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Key takeaways:
  • Combine experience with data, you need both
  • Don’t underestimate qualitative data, it’s the why
  • Listen to customer service, they know what’s happening
  • Focus on optimizing decisions - not web copy
  • Stop guessing - start hypothesizing

Define and understand your visitors (Brian Massey)

Brian Massey


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Key takeaways:
  • Every website has only 3 or 4 types of visitors
  • Read ‘Buyer Legends’ for only $3 at Amazon
  • Use behavior database, click tracking & split testing
  • Segment your visitors in transactional and relational
  • Do not confuse correlation with causation

These A/B-tests appears to be bullshit (Craig Sullivan)

Craig Sullivan


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Key takeaways:
  • If you don’t understand statistics, you’ll make mistakes
  • More Gangnam movies than you can watch in a lifetime
  • Don’t spend weeks on funnel analysis models
  • Brainstorm hypotheses with the widest team possible
  • Don’t stop a test once it’s reached 95% significance

How to get brains attention & motivate it to buy (Bart Schutz)

Bart Schutz


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Key takeaways:
  • Our brains are part conscious and part unconscious
  • Drugs and prostitutes are the biggest Dutch export product
  • Square of Toxication is dark side Wheel of Persuasion
  • Have element pointing downwards on a page
  • Don’t deplete conscious attention on of users too much

Growth hacking tips that work on every website (Karl Giles)

Karl Giles


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Key takeaways:
  • Sliders suck. Always*
  • Kill your stock photos. Now.
  • Don’t show useless photos
  • Integrate first step of interaction in your page
  • Use bullet lists

From paths to sandboxes (Stephen Anderson)

Stephen Anderson


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Key takeaways:
  • Games like Candy Crush provide inspiration for persuasion
  • You can use paths to lead people along on your website
  • Platforms allow users to use systems as they like
  • If you eliminate risks, you eliminate creativity
  • Try to get into a love of learning


A collection of some of the most interesting tweets about the event.


A visual impression of the event, from the early keynotes to the late hours of the after-party.

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