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In a fast-growing field like website optimization, there’s a large amount of tools available. Using the right tools for the job can save you countless hours of frustration and agony.

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Ranking criteria

The category winners were picked based on my personal preference, combined with the opinions of other conversion specialists around me. While this might not offer a truly objective list of the best tools for website optimization, it will most certainly be a great starting point for exploration.

Using this list

Try using a subset of the tools below whenever you find yourself one of these situations:

  • You’re setting up a new website optimization team
  • You’ve landed a new client that wants to improve their website
  • The current set of website optimization tools frustrates you

Customer feedback: UserFeedback


UserFeedback offers feedback on demand that you can use to improve your website. No need to recruit testers yourself, no code installation on your website and results in < 24 hours.

Alternative customer feedback tools:

A/B Testing: Optimizely


Optimizely wins this category hands down with features including an intuitive interface, full code control, powerful debugging and click-to-change test setup.

Alternative A/B testing tools:

Heatmaps: Hotjar


Hotjar is a Swiss army knife in the field of website improvement tools. It offers unlimited heatmaps, segmentation by device and separate click, move and scroll maps.

Alternative heatmap tools:

Performance: Pingdom


Pingdom offers an easy interface with a minimal number of options. However, under the hood it offers massive insights on what is driving (and blocking) optimal loading times.

Alternative performance tools:

Web analytics: Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics has a market share of over 50% in this category. The free analytics suite offers extremely powerful data analysis options including advanced segments and custom alerts.

Alternative web analytics tools:

Session playback: MouseFlow


MouseFlow allows you to capture all mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and form fills. It offers a free plan that allows for up to 100 recorded sessions.

Alternative session playback tools:

Conversion funnel: MixPanel


MixPanel allows you to slice and dice the visitor data in your conversion funnel in any way you desire. It lets you measure what customers do in your app by reporting actions, not page views.

Alternative conversion funnel tools:

Team communication: Trello


Don’t let Trello’s simple interface fool you. With its very flexible setup, the tool will help you manage your entire website optimization process, from initial idea to testing roadmap.

Alternative team communication tools:

Test analysis: A/B Test Guide

a/b test bayesian

A/B Test Guide will increase the depth of your analysis. This Bayesian statistical simulation tool will offer insights in risk, uplift and the chance of the variation outperforming the original.

Alternative test analysis tools:

Customer service: Zendesk


If you know what frustrates current customers, that will help you to acquire new ones (and keep the current ones on board). Zendesk shines in customizability, interface and setup.

Alternative customer service tools:

Hosting: SiteGround


SiteGround hosting offers superior quality security, speed and support. An excellent hosting platform like theirs creates a solid foundation for a well-converting website.

Alternative hosting tools:

Usability testing: UsabilityHub


UsabilityHub allows you to test concepts of visual designs. This includes logos, navigation flows, variations, etc. Get answers on your custom questions from real users.

Alternative usability testing tools:

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Theo van der Zee

Author: Theo van der Zee

He is the founder of ConversionReview. He has been building and optimizing websites for 15+ years now, and doing so with great success.

On top of his digital skills, Theo is also a trained psychologist and frequent speaker at events around the world.