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This case study shows a selection of the improvements made to after our website review.


Before the website review


After the website review

No more tabs, accordions, and sliders

Through user testing we discovered that visitors were having trouble using the myriad of moving elements on the homepage. To them, it seemed difficult to focus due to a continuously moving automatic slider. Also, the large amount of hidden content in tabs and accordions made it difficult to find all the information they needed on the homepage. Therefore, the new homepage is now fully static.

Show the most popular pages

By studying the web analytics data of the website, we discovered which pages were amongst the most popular ones on the website. While it was possible to navigate to most of the pages from the homepage, finding what link to click in order to get there was often challenging. Therefore, the most popular pages are now displayed prominently on the homepage.

Remove the invisible top menu

Our visual design analysis pointed out that the gray top menu on the website was styled in such a way that it didn't draw much attention. On top of that, the contrast between the background color and the text on it didn't pass the WCAG accessibility guidelines. Therefore, the menu was removed from the new homepage, and the links were relocated to other menus.

Faster loading pages


Before: homepage loads in 2.96s


After: homepage loads in 1.25s

As part of the technical audit performed on the website, we've reviewed opportunities to increase the site's performance. Many of the recommendations from the review have since been applied to the website. As you can see on the performance summaries from Pingdom, the new website is loading almost twice as fast as the old one.

Pages up to 500% faster

Similar improvements can be observed for all other pages on the website, with some pages even loading up to 500% faster now!

“Such a great report!”

  • Walter Albers

    Walter Albers

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    “I get really enthusiastic to immediately start working on all the points that you've mentioned. You gave me so many concrete tips... such a great report!”