Visitor matrix

What is a visitor matrix?

Learn what motivates (subgroups of) your visitors and what gets them from discovering your products to buying them.

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What are the pros?

  • Based on market research
  • Insights per page
  • Discover new segments
  • Good for personalization

What are the cons?

  • Can be time-consuming
  • Results need interpretation

What data will be analyzed?

Segments of relevant groups

Before knowing how to address your visitors, you need to know who they are. Based on data from your Google Analytics account we'll create a profile of your visitor. These profiles (which are often called personas) can be used to base further research on.

External sources and research

Additional external sources will be used to enrich what can be found in your web analytics software. This could include data on demographics of your target audience or data linking interests to click behavior, which can later be used for personalization.


Customer journey

Each visitor to your website that will eventually become a customer will go through roughly the same steps. In each of these phases, the information need of the visitors will be analyzed for your website. In addition to this, we'll also look for nudges (which help a visitor proceed to the next step) and roadblocks (which potentially prevent them from reaching it).

  1. Problem/need recognition
  2. Information searching
  3. Evaluation of alternatives
  4. Buying decision
  5. Post-purchase behavior

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How effective will this be?

Available external and internal research

If a lot of external research was conducted for your industry, then the visitor matrix will be more effective. The same applies if you already possess a lot of knowledge on your visitors in-house.

For instance, if research was conducted on social trust symbols in your industry, we can integrate this data into the 'buying decision' step, and suggest you choose the most prominent safety symbols for your website.


Ability to create new content

A lot of the ways that visitors can be convinced of your product is through means of content. This could include an extensive knowledge base, an explanatory video, an infographic about your industry, or a blog to attract different segments of visitors.

All of the items above will require the ability to create this content. Even though most of the content can be created with only writing skills, some can require additional skills such as design or video creation.


Which findings will it deliver?

✓ Learn what information visitors need

Visitors can have all sorts of information needs on your page. For instance, on some websites it might be best to add additional reassurances regarding the safety of their data. However, on other websites, it might be much better to add additional product information or customer reviews. By fulfilling the information needs of your visitors, you can help them to move a step forward in their buying cycle.

✓ Learn more about your target audience

The better you know your audience, the more you can adapt your website and content towards them. Demographics or psychographics such as age, income, motives and gender can be important in determining how to structure your pages and which content to push forward in order to get your visitors to buy from you.

Are the buying steps the same for all industries?

While the steps aren't identical, they are very similar for all industries. This is so because the steps are based on decision behavior, and not on any specific industry in particular. By mapping out the steps that people take when they are making a decision (to buy), these steps were created.

Do note that in some cases steps can be more or less important depending on the type of product or service that you're offering.